Hands-On Hearts has a vision to discover and develop the creative within each individual

Children from as little as 3 years old, play school through to primary school and up until high school.

Beneficial for all kids and adults

Clay stimulates creativity, imagination, intelligence and curiosity.


Clay is well-known for its therapeutic qualities, the simple action of moulding the clay in a child or adults hands can have a calming effect on the body and mind.

Stress Relief

Pottery can also work as a stress relieving outlet for individuals who need to physically express their emotions.

Sensory Development

Pottery and the creative process is a fun and encouraging way of increasing a child’s attention span. It is play based learning whilst improving their ability to listen and follow instructions.


Improve Self Esteem

The self esteem of the student can be improved by acknowledging that they have managed to create something by themselves, using their creativity and imaginative problem-solving skills that they have learnt and overcome during the lessons.

Fine Motor Skills

Manipulating soft clay by rolling, squeezing, poking and forming improves hand function by engaging the hand and arm muscles as well as hand-eye co-ordination. Kids learning to use different tools and equipment to create a 3d form with textures, shapes and colours not only improves hand skills but most importantly encourages creative thinking.

Our Lessons are designed for all skill levels

The projects have been created relevant to the ages of the children or adults. Each project is a unique and personal creative learning experience for each individual.

Hands-On Hearts has exciting ceramic/pottery projects and some creative lessons

including canvas painting, craft work and fabric painting at the convenience of your school or venue of your choice. Fully equipped with all the material and tools needed for each individual for each project.

We offer our service as an extra mural at schools starting from as little as 2 years old, play school through to primary school up until high school.

How it works?

Each project consist of 2 x lessons

For children classes, the first lesson is the making-of and working with raw clay. Manipulating and transforming it to something amazing and completely hand-made by your child

Fired in our studio kilns

Thereafter the piece will be fired in our studio kilns. The fired piece is returned to the student at the following lesson.

Satisfied & Happy Children

Pieces are then painted and finished before the're taken home and proudly shown off to everyone.

Each project is professionally supervised by our ‘hands-on’ fully qualified instructors with BA Degrees in Fine Art/Ceramics from NMMU.

Meet The Founders

Roger Garfield

Saabirah Hendricks


BA Honours Degree in Fine Arts Ceramic.

Roger Garfield

Aaisha Noorshib


BA Honours Degree in Ceramic Design.

Current Schools

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